Translation Robot

Translation Robot

With Translation robot, user can translate DNA sequences or BioBrick parts into Protein sequences. Translation robot can be found at
Before you start translation make sure that you have a sequence selected in the workspace to translate it into protein.

ORF Selection

After selecting the sequence into workspace, user can specify open reading frame (ORF) parameters. Tranlsation robot finds the open reading frames in all the reading frames or a particular specified frame and translates it into the protein sequence. So user specifies a particular frame (1..6) or 0 to find ORFs in all reading frames. Also the user can specify minimum length of the open reading frame to find, so all the frames of equal or more length are extracted.


So based on the parameters entered by the user, Translationbot finds all the frames and translates them. The output of the translation can be as displayed in the following image. It displays the original sequence, followed by all the open reading frames that are found in a reading frame. Multiple frames found one after the other are also displayed.

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