REBase Robot

Using REBase robot, user can find where in his sequence restriction sites attach to the sequence and also where the cut the sequence. REBase robot can be found at
Before you start finding the details about the restriction sites using this robot, make sure that you have a sequence selected in the workspace.

Enzyme Selection

This robot first identifies if the Restriction Enzymes Database is updated. If so it updates the local restriction enzymes database. Then it provides a list of enzymes to select from.

Restriction Enzymes identification

REBase robot searches for the entry pertaining the enzyme selected by the user in the local database. It then identifies the sequence and cut details of the enzyme. Then it goes through the sequence and finds all occurrences of the selected enzyme in the sequence. The output of the REBase robot is similar to the the following image. It displays the original sequence, followed by the sequence highlighted at Restriction Enzymes positions.

In future, we plan to extend the functionality to let user select more than one Restriction enzymes at once.

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