Sequence Views in SynBioWave

SynBioWave is an open-source, synthetic biological software suite based on Google’s communication tool Wave. SynBioWave is made for collaborative research comprising parts design and documentation. Moreover, biologists can record and share the process of creating research data and perform basic tasks using SynBioWave. In addition, SynBioWave is a framework for developing Google Wave extensions with a strong focus on synthetic biological functionality.

Software Features:

SynBioWave as a Software includes the following features:

  • web based software on top of Google Wave
  • biological collaboration platform
  • record and share the process of researching
  • collaboratively perform basic biosynthetic tasks, including
  • displaying biological sequence data
  • importing and exporting sequence data from different sources
  • supporting a large range of sequence formats, such as
    • FASTA
    • GenBank
    • EMBL


SynBioWave is not a feature complete software, yet. To lay ground for an successful open source project, we created an easy to implement framework, allowing developers to contribute to SynBioWave. One key feature of this framework is an abstract template class that allows the user to create robots (they are used for Wave extensions), providing new features, without thinking about sequence I/O, GUI or display issues.

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