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  • New Tutorial Video

    New Tutorial Video

    We have created a series of new tutorial videos for SynBioWave! There is also a tutorial video for each Add-on Robot. Find them on the robots pages under user guide.

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  • SynBioWave at iGEM 2010

    SynBioWave at iGEM 2010

    The Freiburg_Software team will present the latest version of SynBioWave at MIT during the iGEM competition 2010!

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  • Google Wave is dead, long live Wave.

    Google Wave is dead, long live Wave.

    Unfortunately a black cloud has emerged over the wavy Ocean. Most of you will have heared about in the last days, Google kills his arousing Google Wave project. This is a very sad fact and might really degrade the wave to a ripple, at least in respect of it’s popularity and the development speed of [...]

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  • Beta-Robot supporting wave attachments pulished

    Beta-Robot supporting wave attachments pulished

    As Google has announced many changes and new features at this years I/O, we are currently overworking our robots. Especially the new Attachmend-API greatly simplifies the up- and download of sequences. If you want to have a look at how SynBioWave makes use of this, just try testing our Beta-Robot ( instead of the normal [...]

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  • Developer Guide

    Developer Guide

    There is a developer guide available. Start developing your own robots!

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  • Porting SynBioWave to Googles APIv2

    Porting SynBioWave to Googles APIv2

    As Google has introduced its new APIv2 and is going to break backwards compatibility to version 1 soon, we are working hard to port SynBioWave to the new API. We have rewritten most of the code of the SynBioWave-Robot, and we were able to implement several major improvements using new possibilities of the APIv2: Menu-events [...]

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  • SynBioWave Presentation Video

    SynBioWave Presentation Video

    The video of the SynBioWave presentation at the IGEM competition in Boston, November 2009 is out now!

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  • Forum available

    Forum available

    With the new website we are providing a forum for end-user help, support, project organisation and software development discussion.

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  • User Guide

    User Guide

    There is a user guide available. Get started using SynBioWave!

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  • Welcome to

    Welcome to

    SynBioWave is an open-source, synthetic biological software suite, based on Google Wave. SynBioWave is made for collaborative research comprising parts design and documentation.

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